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About Creative Reproductions 2 Scale (CR2S)

Creative Reproductions 2 Scale wants to make the wiring of a doll house, diorama, or display as simple and durable as possible.  In the past, I have created the working ceiling fan in miniature:  The miniature doll house doorbell:  the miniature flickering fireplace (log ‘n flame) and numerous LED lighting projects.  I have improved the electrical connection from the power supply to the doll house with a new power connector, (Junction Splice), and am now working to improve and simplify the entire electrical system of all doll houses.  I look forward to developing a new and innovative wiring system for any doll house or display that will give anyone the confidence to wire their own project.  Custom miniature electrical doll house wiring made easy and simple.  Check out the latest features and ideas in doll house miniature electrical wiring from Creative Reproductions 2 Scale (CR2S).