CR2S miniature outlet (pk2)

CR2S miniature outlet (pk2)
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COMING SOON!   Finally, a new and very different miniature outlet.   It was designed so that anyone that has used the Miniature House plug will find that the CR2S plug has the same dimensions of the pins and will fit either the Miniature House outlet or the new CR2S outlet.  What is different is the new CR2S outlet is exactly 1/12 the size of a real home outlet.  The new CR2S outlet, however, solves many of the problems of other miniature outlets on the market.  It is extremely easy to connect to the 12 volts of a dollhouse without needing to be tailed into a flat-tape run.  The connection between the plug, either the Miniature House plug or the new CR2S plug, and the new CR2S outlet is extremely sound.  Installation of the outlet is also extremely easy to install.  Sampley drill a small 1/4" hole into the wall and glue the outlet in place.  It can be twisted to achieve an exact perpendicular mounting.

  • Model: 716-2
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0125lbs


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