2.5"-4-LED Bright White

2.5"-4-LED Bright White
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Complementary lighting to Incandescent lights      These LED light bars work very well to illuminate the entire interior of individual rooms or for illuminating an entire room box without being over bearing.  These light bars were wired to work with either an AC or DC 12 volt power supply but like any LED, it will work best with a DC power source.  They complement and help balance the look of incandescent lights alone.  I tell people that “the better you hide these lights, the better they work”.  I will put a small 2 LED light bar at the inside-top of each window to give the appearance of sunlight lightly coming into the room.  They are great when used to accent kitchen cabinets or glass display cases.  You will find that using these lights along with the normal incandescent lights within your display will balance the two extremes of the yellow in an incandescent and the blue emitted from these LEDs.  Together your display will look brighter, crisper and cleaner and the LEDs tend to eliminate all of the shadows in back corners.  

  • Model: 101
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0125lbs


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