Lantern style (set of 3)

Lantern style (set of 3)
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Small coach lamp style landscape lights.  Package of 3.  The light is 1/2" tall and only 1/4" round.  There is a 6 volt grain of rice incondescent light bulb inside each metal light. These Lantern miniature landscaping lights are only 9/16th inches tall.  They are made of metal with a non-replaceable bulb but when installed as instructed will last well over 10,000 hours.  These new lights have a 6 volt grain of rice bulb sealed inside and the package of three must be wired in series.  Since it has a 6 volt light, if you were to connect each individually to your 12 volts of the dollhouse, it will burn out almost immediately.   When wired in series as directed, the landscape light is rather dim as are real garden lights. They can be mounted directly to the ground or placed on a small brass tube to raise them in the garden.

  • Model: 400
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0125lbs


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