Petite wall plugs (pk4)

Petite wall plugs (pk4)
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This petite plug is smaller than the large China plug but larger than Cir-kit concepts miniature plug.  It becomes an alternative to the miniature plug and is easier to work with.  They had a problem in the past as the plug did not always make contact when plugged into the socket.  I believe I have corrected that issue by drilling a larger hole in the plastic cover so the pins of the plug can contact the brass.  Because of the extra size, they are much easier attaching the plug to any lamp and work the same as the larger China plug.

Check out MH44005 for the outlet that fits this plug
Check out MH44009 for the outlet with wire leads and plug attached. (Extension cord)

NOTE:  If you are having a problem with the plug not making contact when inserted to the wall outlet, please drill the cover plate holes with a 1/16" drill.  Only enlarge the holes of the plastic cover plate.  Do not drill deeper than the top piece of plastic.

  • Model: MH44007
  • Shipping Weight: 0.00125lbs


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