12 channel remote control

12 channel remote control
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Key Features of the 12 channel remote Pre-wired for the use with any dollhouse or diarama.  Each button controlls a seperate relay to act as an on-off switch Can control an individual light fixture, complete room or individual circuits.   Specification Distance: 100M(300 feet) Power supply: 12V Encode/Decode: Yes(Learning Code) Control Type: Quad mode:( Momentary, Toggle, Latch, Momentary+Toggle) Relay: 10A/125VAC, 10A/14V DC Receiver Board Size: 8cm x 10cm x 3cm Remote Size: 5cm x 12.5cm x 2cm Modes: Toggle: Press=On, Press again=Off Momentary: Press=On, Release=Off Latched: Press=On, Release=On (locked) Model:  ERF-12A433 Description:  12 Channel RF Controller Channel:  12 Chipset:  2622 or 1527 Frequency:  433MHz Range:  200M  The circuit board draws only 6 ma of current but each relay when activated uses 30ma.  When all 12 relays are latched on, the remote control board draws 330ma or .33 amps of current. That is equivilant to 11 incandescent bulbs.       

  • Model: 703-12
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4lbs


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