2032 Battery Charger

2032 Battery Charger
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Will Charge Even Fully Depleted Batteries
that cannot be safely charged with a normal charger!


Charge One Individual LIR2032 Battery at a Time
LED Indicator Shows Charging Status
Automatically cuts off power when battery is fully charged
Compact Size
USB Power port for Use with any USB electronics you would like to use during charging or at any other time
2 New LIR2032 Batteries Included with Charger Purchase (CR2032 Rechargeable Battery Replacements)

LIR2032 Battery Charger

Technical Specifications:

Worldwide Power : 110-220Volt AC input   50/60Hz
Charger Output: 4.2 Volt DC  ~30mA (~1C Charge Rate)
USB Output:  5 Volt DC @  ~300 Milliamps
Charging time:  1-2 hours
Lightweight: 1.2 oz. (35 grams)

Instructions for Charging:

Connect charger to AC power
          The Green Power light just above and to the Left of the USB port will be lit
Note:  The Status Light to the Right will be off

Insert battery - Positive Side (+) Face Up
          If the battery is not full the status light will light until the battery is fully charged.
Note:  To insert the cell, please press down on battery until it clicks into place.

When Battery is Fully Charged
          The Status Light will Turn Off
Note:  To remove the cell, press the remove button by pulling the metal clip back.  The Battery Should Pop Up and Out of the Charger.


If Battery loses power after charging and is still in the charger, the charger will automatically turn back on for a short time to recharge the battery back to full charge













  • Model: 1105
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs


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