Kynar twisted Red/Bk 30'

Kynar twisted Red/Bk 30'
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Kynar wrapping wire is a high end, quality wire.  This product is different than most hook-up wire and because of its composition is rated to carry a much higher current.  The Kynar coating is more durable and able to withstand higher temperatures without breaking down.  The wire itself is a higher, purer grade of copper with a silver plating.  In conjunction with the exceptional Kynar jacket, this wire is capable of handling up to 5 amps of current and with a DC current up to 6 amps. This reel of wire takes one red Kynar jacked wire with one black Kynar jacked wire and twists them together.  This reel is 30 feet of a Red and Black twisted Kynar Wire.      

  • Model: 727-3
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0625lbs


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