Warm White 5 meter 2835 LED reel

Warm White 5 meter 2835 LED reel
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These LEDs on a reel are the least expensive way to purchase a length of lights.  Each ribbon has an adhesive backing making it very easy to install.  These LEDs work with a direct current only, so you will have to use a 12 volt, voltage regulated power supply to be able to use them. REQUIRES A 12 VOLT REGULATED DC POWER SUPPLY Uses 4.8 watts per meter or 400 ma per meter. Total reel requires 2 amps (300 LEDs).  6.67ma per LED. LED’s on a tape roll come in a full 5 meter reel.  One can also buy Pure White, Cool White or Warm White LEDs.    All of these reels are 2835 (28mm x 35mm)  size SMD (Surface Mount Device) and not the larger 5050 size.  Dealing with miniatures, the 2835 SMD is the most practical LED to purchase.  All of these LEDs have 120 degree angle of view. Color Choice:     Warm White--2800-3200 kelvin (has a yellow cast and considered closest to an incandescent bulb)     Pure White--4800-6000 kelvin (closest to all white light)  Best for over-all illuminating of a roombox or individual rooms of a dollhouse.  Works well in conjunction with incandescent lights in the desplay.     Cool White--6000-10,000 kelvin (has a blue cast and considered closest to outdoor light) If you want something smaller, take a look at our LED Ribbon.  The LED Ribbon is only 1/8 inch wide and uses the extremely small 0603 Nano LED.  

  • Model: 800
  • Shipping Weight: 0.09375lbs


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