Micro Jacks no Tail (pk 10)

Micro Jacks no Tail (pk 10)
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Micro Jacks make it possible to plug and unplug your light fixtures into the wiring system of your dollhouse.  Used in conjunction with Cir-Kit’s Sconce Adapters (CK801), Chandelier Adapters (CK804 series), and Plug-in Ceiling Plate (CK806); these Micro Jacks can be soldered to either hardwire or press-fit into your tape wire system.  These Micro Jacks make for a permanent and integrated electrical connection with your wiring system.  They also can be used as a socket for the placement of the wall outlet (ck1003) and the miniature slide switch (ck1011).  Doing so will make a solid long-lasting connection that will not work loose or break the connection. 
    The short Micro Jack is used with a tape wire system and is similar to Cir-Kit’s spring-loaded eyelet (ck1023-6) but is more heavy duty with a locking collar.  The ridge just below the collar makes for a better hold and better connection to the tape wire than what is provided with the Cir-Kit Adapters.

     10 Micro Jacks per package.

  • Model: 705-2
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0125lbs


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