Master tool Kit

Master tool Kit
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I have made a few changes to what is included in the master tool kit.  I have found a couple additional tools that I use on a regular basis and have added them.  I also removed the power supply and power connector as most will have purchased those with one of the dollhouse wiring kits.  I have added a Husky screwdriver set from Home Depot and a Silhouette spatula from JoAnn fabrics.  The spatula is excellent for getting behind moldings or even peeling back wallpaper.  Also, a pair of clothespins I have modified to make excellent miniature clamps.  The wire cutters and long nose player are an improved quality set.

The ultimate electrical wiring tool kit is made especially for dollhouse and miniature wiring projects.  The two-sided plastic carrying case has all of the tools needed for new wiring projects and for troubleshooting, testing and repairing those old wiring circuits.   There are several items in this kit that I use and like but unfortunately cannot find a source to purchase other than at retail.  I therefore have simply passed that cost on.  I have chosen to provide good quality and larger sized items to make this tool kit an outstanding purchase.  The Test box is my very own tester that I made especially for working on the 12 volts of a dollhouse.  The tester alone makes this kit an outstanding purchase.  Unlike other kits, you will actually use every item in this tool box.

    This tool kit contains: Spring Tool (BamBam), Brass Hammer, 100 Large Grommets, 110 Small Grommets, Bulb extractor, 50’ 2-conductor flat tapewire, 50’ 2-strand wire, 50’ of Red and Black Kynar hook-up wire, the complete Soldering Iron Kit, Custom Test Box (continuity tester & voltage tester), Pin Vice with drill bits, Wire Strippers for small gauge wire, wire cutters and long nose pliers, 9-volt battery clip, IC Terminal Leads, 3 single edge razor blades, my instruction or information booklet on wiring a dollhouse is also included and much more.  The total retail price for this is over $370.00 but is discounted to make it as affordable as possible.  They are made available at most trade shows and at my electrical classes but are not available at retail shops or other websites. Some items may vary from the picture as individual items have become more difficult to acquire.

  • Model: 709
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs


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