Video Tutorials

Continuing to add more:

My plan is to have a series of "How To" and educational videos for most of my products.  My plans are to have most completed by the end of 2020.  Come back regularly to check out all of the videos I have been able to create and keep an eye out for new ones.  If you have any suggestions, please let me hear from you.

In the meantime, I intend to keep Linda's video from Dollhouse, Trains and More as it is one of the most complete videos with lots of tips and suggestions.  Although Linda's shop in California no longer exists, her helpful wiring video will continue to inform.  

"How To Videos"  from Creative Reproductions 2 Scale:

1. 701-0     How to connect the mini connector:

2. How to change a plug:

3. How to connect the 701-1 power connector and/or replace the junction splice:

4. 610 How to install 1/8" LED Ribbons for indirect lighting:

5. 700 BamBam Spring Tool. How to use this tool to create wall outlets in the dollhouse.

6.  Dollhouse Electrical Testing Tools.

7.  Cir-kit Concepts Components--Part A  How to install ck1003 wall outlet

8.  Circuit Concepts Components Part B  How to attach a ck1004 Plug

9.  Cir-kit Concepts Components--Part C  Connecting Chandelier adapters

10.  Cir-kit Concepts Components--Part D  Connecting the socket component into the dollhouse

11. Installing a Working Ceiling Fan  Connecting remote control into the dollhouse

12. Introduction to Soldering  Basic soldering in a Dollhouse

13.  How to install and wire a remote control into a dollhouse

14.  Installing a Miniature Wall Switch -- Part 1

15.  Installing a Miniature Wall Switch -- Part 2

16.  Top Twelve Tips, Tricks & Helpful Hints for Wiring Your Dollhouse