Custom Services

Besides selling electrical components for dollhouses and miniatures, CR2S offers several personal and custom services.  The letters in CR2S are my initials, Carl Roger Sahlberg, and I maintain a very personal connection to my business and the products I sell.  I believe in what I sell.  CR2S is more than just a retail company selling electrical components to miniaturists as we offer a number of custom services too.

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
     Take a look at the FAQ tab to see if some of your questions may be answered.  I have tried to list a number of topics that I repeatedly get asked when teaching a class.  I will try to add new ones periodically and would like to add an active Forum or Blog in the future.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for topics that need to be added.

Personal Phone Calls
     You are welcome to call for advice.  If you are simply afraid to get started with electrifying your dollhouse or something with your lighting has stopped working, you are welcome to give me a call.  If you have an I-phone, I even accept “face-time” calls to help analyze your situation.

Instructional Videos
    I am currently busy adding new instructional videos to my website. I intend to create a number of videos from how to use and connect individual components to wiring an entire dollhouse.  My intentions are to have a number posted by the end of this year. Just click on "Video Tutorials" at the top menu line of my website.

Classes and Workshops
     I personally conduct a number of workshops throughout the year at dollhouse stores, trade shows or miniature clubs.  You can check my schedule to see if I have one in your area and for information as to how to sign up for the class. 

Personal In-Home wiring
     Custom wiring is available if lighting your dollhouse has always been a dream of yours, but you are scared to death to do it yourself.  Give me a call to schedule a date and time to come to your home and make that dream come true.  To save expenses, check my travel schedule to see if I am going to be in your area and have time to come to your house after the scheduled trade show or other appointment.

Contact Information
     Carl R Sahlberg
     Creative Reproductions 2 Scale
     365 Dr Austin Ln
     Bedford, Indiana 47421

     Phone:  317-414-3921
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