Calendar of Events


Creative Reproductions 2 Scale attends a number of trade shows throughout the year that gives us the opportunity to display our full line of dollhouse electrical supplies and share information on how to wire a dollhouse with the latest and most effective electrical components.  Below is a list of trade shows we have signed up for in 2019. 

For those wanting to learn more on how to wire their own dollhouse a list of classes that have been scheduled are shown.
We offer custom wiring of dollhouses and have listed where we will be working on individual houses.  If you live in an area where we are scheduled to be and have a custom wiring job you would like us to help with; simply give us a phone call to schedule an appointment.

    15th through 19th Custom wiring:  Private Residence,  Los Angeles, California
 6th, 7th   Electrical wiring class:  Midwest Miniature Club, Dayton, Ohio 
     21st, 22nd  Custom wiring:  Private Residence, Lombard, Illinois
    8th Electrical wiring class:  Les Petits Collecteurs Club Show, Boca Raton, Florida. 
    9th Trade Show:  Les Petits Collecteurs Club Show, Boca Raton, Florida
    20th  Custom wiring:  Private Residence, Atlanta area
    22nd, 23rd  Trade Show:  Tom Bishop Atlanta Miniature,  Atlanta, Georgia 
    24th Electrical wiring class: Miniature Designs Shop, Lawrenceville, Georgia
    25th Custom wiring:  Private Residence, Atlanta, Georgia
23rd, 24th Custom wiring:  Private Residence, Chicago, Illinois
    25th  Custom wiring:  Private Residence,  Evanston, Illinois
    26th through 28th Trade Show: Tom Bishop Chicago International, Chicago, Illinois
     22nd:  Custom wiring:  Private Residence, Dayton, Ohio
     25th:  Custom wiring:  Private Residence, Carmel, Indiana

    7th, 8th  Trade Show: Kansas City Dollhouse & Miniature Show, Kansas City, Kansas
    27th Electrical wiring class: Dallas Miniature Showcase, Dallas, Texas
    28th, 29th Trade Show: Dallas Miniature Showcase, Dallas, Texas
    30th  Electrical wiring class: Dallas Miniature Showcase, Dallas Texas
    1st through 5th,  Custom Wiring:  Private Residence, Edmond, Oklahoma
    20th, Custom Wiring:  Private Residence, Louisville, Kentucky
    22nd:  Custom Wiring:  Private Residence, Denver Colorado

    1st:  Custom Wiring:  Private Residence, Oakwood, Ohio 
    2nd, 3rd Trade Show: Midwest Miniature Showcase, Dayton, Ohio

    7th thru 24th:  VACATION!  YIPEE!
     Carmel class is canciled

    4th, 5th  Trade Show: St. Louis Miniature Show, St. Louis, Missouri
    12th  Trade Show:  Louisville Miniature Club, Louisville, Kentucky
 8th, 9th  Trade Show:  Wee "C" Miniature Club, Chicago, Illinois
     10th:   Custom Wiring:  Private Residence, Port Barrington, Illinois 60010
     11th:   Custom Wiring:  Private Residence,  Hinsdale, Illinois 60010

     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one and all!  Enjoy the Family