Jimmy Landers

Jimmy Landers
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Although Jimmy Landers has produced a number of impressive structures; the "Sahlberg" stands out from all the rest.  It too, as with the display I wired at the Norton Museum of Art, is a collaboration of a number of artists.  Jimmy Landers is the architect of the project but many of the parts were created by numerous artisans.  The finished project is a piece of furniture similar to a hutch with glass doors and carved 4" legs and skirt.  The table measures 6'-2" x 2'-1".  The overall height is just over 6 feet.  I have been a personal friend to Jimmy for a number of years and have had the privilege of electrically wiring each of his projects.  For this project I also built the cherry cabinet that houses Jimmy's nine room boxes. Other artisans that worked with Jimmy are:
     Linda Orleff--Lightning Bug Ltd--designed and produced all the sconces and chandeliers
     Barbara Sabia--designed and produced all the leaded and stain glass work including the large dome
     Ron Stetkewicz III--produced all the custom brass accessories such as door knobs, library ladder rail
     Terry Harville--produced the spiral staircase in the library and helped with the grand staircase railing
     Michael Yurkovic--Molded all the spindles for the grand staircase
     Steve Goode--Machined custom dies for all the moldings and provided the cherry wood moldings

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