In April 2017 Jimmy Landers introduced the only project where he attempted to copy a photograph of an individuals home in  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  It was on display at the Tom Bishop show.  This display is made of Gator Board and can be either displayed on a table top or as a wall hanging.  It is fully electrified and even has one of my custom working ceiling fans in the open porch.  The shingles were custom cut on a laser cutter to mimic an engineered look.  Another nice feature is the custom cut railing that is almost identical to the actual iron one.  Both items were cut on a laser cutter by the very talented Terry Harville.  Jimmy continues to use the talents of Barbara Sabia in making the leaded glass on the front door

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For the 2016 Tom Bishop show in Chicago, April 14--17, Jimmy Landers introduced his 1866 project.  After being asked to create a custom recreation of the “Charmed House” set in San Fransisco, California by the TV series named “Charmed”. The ‘Charmed House’ is in central Los Angeles at 1329 Carroll Avenue.  It isn’t actually in San Francisco as depicted by the series.  Jimmy never accepted the commission but became interested in the old Victorian house from the pictures on line.  He decided to create his own version of the “Charmed House” and calls it his “1866”.  Although it did not sell at the Tom Biship International show, it had a tremendous amount of interest and as Jimmy says---”A lot of Ooohs and Aaaughs”   It did sell soon after the show and we delivered it to it’s new home in Philadelphia in July. 

Jimmy installed a number of two candle wall sconces using my flickering LED replacement screw-base bulbs.  This made the entire house flicker as if there were gas lights throughout.  Also take note of the custom kitchen made by Terry Harville.  All of the leaded glass was custom made by Barbara Sabia.


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