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Catalog of Products

Here are Jimmy's latest projects which were displayed at the Tom Bishop Show, April 2017.  He worked on one wall or table top structure which sold immediately.  This was something that Jimmy said he would never do and swears he will never do another.  Jimmy created a table top house (front only) created from a series of photos for an individual living in Canada.  Jimmy made no promises and swears it was not a commission and only did it to see how close he could come.  There were a number of challenges (Jimmy likes those challenges and I believe that is why he dit it).  One was the Architectural shingles.  The second was the stone work.  Nothing was stock and it took much longer to complete than he ever thought it should.  Most comments where with how he made the window shades.  The building is fully lighted with three custom designed working ceiling fan and indirect lighting behind all of the windows.  All are LEDs.  One can also see the can lights under the eves.  The wrought iron railing was cut with a lazer by Terry Harcourt.  The leaded glass door by Barbara Sabia.  The custom ceiling fan and all the lighting by Carl Sahlberg.

See what you think and see how close he came to the actual home.
Then scroll down below the pictures to see Jimmy’s second project!

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Current Work in Progress

Jimmy's major project will be a two year project--maybe more.  He introduced only a small portion of it at this years (2017) Tom Bishop Show.  This will be his most challenging project to date and he is hinting that it may be his last.  It has been some time since a project of this size and complexity has been attempted or anything like it having been on display at Tom Bishop’s Show.  The pictures do not give you much as to what the finished project will be.  You will just have to come to next years show.  Chicago International 2018--April 26 through 29th.

I can add that this project is probably the only project of its kind where a group of artisans have come together to offer their talents in cooperation with Jimmy’s design.
     Linda Orleff--Lightning Bug Ltd--custom lighting
     Barbara Sabia--Stain glass artisan
     Frank Crescente--Custom Chandelier’ artisan
     Ron Stetkewicz III--Ron Stetkewics Miniatures--custom brass accessories
     Terry Harville--Terry Harville Miniatures--Custom Lazer work
     Michael Yurkovic--Atomic Miniatures--Artisan
     Steve Goode--Steeve Good & Sons--Wood Moldings
     Carl R Sahlberg--Creative Reproductions 2 Scale--Custom electrical components and wiring plus cabinet maker

The finished project will be a piece of furniture similar to a hutch with glass doors and carved 4” legs and skirt.  The table measures 6’-2” x 2’-1” .  The overall height will be just over 6 foot.  Although a final price has not been calculated----it will be in the 6 figures.

Check out some of the latest pictures of Jimmy’s project.  It is coming along faster than he thought and all eight boxes are basically complete.  At least all three sections are glued together and ready for the finishing pieces. The stairway is not complete as the spindles have not been completed.  Some of the chandeliers have not been made--the fireplaces are not in and the furniture table and hutch frame haven't even been started (That’s my fault but I am on it.)  Check out what has been done though....


The individual sections are fully assembled, glued together and electrified.  Just waiting for finishing touches.  To the right is the back of the same assembled unit showing how the electrical is being wired using flat tapewire and soldered connections.


Top Left room.(Bedroom)


Center room on left.  (Parlor)  The black stone is the hearth for the fireplace.


Bottom left room (Dinning room)


Showing some of the detail of the gorgeous library.  All solid cherry with coffered ceiling.  The reflection on the ceiling is from the copper plating.

Some detail shots:


Detail of custom made door and special hardware


The entrance is real marble and inlay-ed one piece at a time.


Top right room above Library.(Bedroom)


Is it not obvious that this is the Library?  It still need the brass runners for the ladders and the fireplace.  The blue tape is where the fireplace will go and helps to keep out the mice.  Can you estimate how many books it will take to fill all of shelves?


Close-up showing the wall sconces made by Lightning Bug.


Another detail shot of the library looking up two floors.


Looking up from the first floor at Barbara Sabia’s leaded glass piece and where the circular stairway will be.  The only thing missing is the large hanging light fixture that will be suspended from the center of the glass.
To the left is another piece by Barbara Sabia.  That window is a full ten inches tall and there are six of them in all.