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Custom Work


Creative Reproductions 2 Scale

I really enjoy custom design work.  Taking the ideas you have and being able to create a lasting model, doll house, display or feature is very rewording.  The display tables are one feature that can add a lot to your doll house.  Having a complete woodworking shop with both full size and miniature tools allows me to design almost anything.  I even have a CNC router to help create some of these projects.  My shop allows me to work in exotic or domestic hard and soft woods.  The custom tables I have made in solid Cherry, Sassafras, Aspen, Poplar and Pine.  Several doll houses and display boxes have been made using Gator Board.

Duplicating features


     I was asked to make a copy of the door on the right and produced the door on the left.  The client was so pleased that she had me make additional doors as she did not like the original door as well as my copy.
     I have made several replacement parts or created new items that could not be found.  That is how I made my first ceiling fan or how I created the florescent shop light and the custom sized garage door.  If you need something “special”, drop me an E-mail and see if I possibly might be able to help.

Custom Designed Stage Lights

These lights are made with LEDs and wired for a 12 volt DC service.  I designed them for Kim Ringheisen at Kim’s Miniature Dollhouse shop in Homosassa, Florida for a theater stage she was making.  The pole light uses two blue and one red colored LED.  The lights below where designed to be mounted on a rod or at the top of a pole.  They use white LEDs but have five different colored discs that can be placed in front of the LEDs.  The shutters are movable as well as the entire body of the light.

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stage lights 022ssp stage lights 021ssp
stage lights 013ssp
stage lights 014ssp

Revolving Turn Tables

revolving table

A newer item to my line of custom doll house items is my custom revolving doll house tables.  The top revolves 360 degrees and yet maintains an uninterrupted electrical connection to the doll house.  I have custom designed six tables in 2011 to fit specific doll houses or displays.  I can design one to fit your doll house and make it of any species of wood and in most any price range.
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Custom Displays and Doll Houses


In addition to the custom revolving tables, I have enjoyed making a number of custom displays for individuals.  From a custom garage copied from a photograph; to the custom townhouse shown to the left; to my brothers lake house copied from the real thing:  I have made several custom designed items.  As times change, so does my business.  I know am concentrating strictly on the electrical wiring and unusual electrical components for a dollhouse or miniature design.  I have stopped doing custom projects.
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Custom Designed
Doll Houses

Custom Wiring Jobs

FAU Castle

I have been fortunate enough to have wired or rewired several miniatures.  The castle to the left is one of the more unique ones.  I enjoy wiring different doll houses and always implement the new techniques I have acquired.  The remote control is one of those items that is a lot of fun to work with and I try to install one in most all of the jobs I am now getting.  I have done work for the Carmel dollhouse museum in Carmel, Indiana and for Through The Looking Glass Tea room and museum in St. Charles, Missouri.  If you have a project that needs wiring and you would like me to come to you to help;  Please give me a call.
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Custom Wiring Jobs