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Below are a couple of examples of my custom designed houses.  The first one I was asked to copy a picture of a townhouse that is no longer made.  I was given the basic measurements for the inside rooms and the overall height.  Below is what I was able to do.  It took me about two months to complete.  The second dollhouse is an accurate model of my brothers lake house in North Webster, Indiana.  The log home took me about six months to complete

Fifth Ave. Townhouse

Magazine photo townhouse display townhouse display

Fifth Ave. Townhouse

   This dollhouse, display unit, was built solely from the picture on the left.  I custom made the front door to match as close as possible to the magazine picture.  I also used three 4-LED lights routed into the ceiling of each floor to illuminate the entire floor.  The attic has two 2-LED lights mounted at the top of each dormer.  Makes it look like natural sunlight coming through the windows.  There are also plenty of outlets on each floor (two on each wall) and each floor has a double wall switch to turn on the individual ceiling lights.  Each floor has a different type of floor.  The first floor has tile which is laid and grouted for the kitchen.  The second floor is inlaid cherry wood.  The third and fourth floors are laid pieces of pine hardwood.

townhouse display 009ssp
townhouse townhouse townhouse

Lake House

    This is my favorite dollhouse since it is a model of our family summer lake home in North Webster, Indiana.  It took me six months to complete and I copied detail as accurately as possible. I custom made all of the kitchen cabinets and resized all of the windows to match the actual house.  I also could not find a Berber carpet and ended up using a fine needlepoint cloth as the carpet.  It worked out real well.  I have placed pictures side by side to compare the real home to the dollhouse. The tile floor in the kitchen is made with Formica that I cut into 3/4” squares, placed and grouted the same as a real floor.  (I have a lot of the blue left over as I had to buy a full 4’ x 8’ sheet to come close to the right color.

Back comparison
open view of dollhouse front deck kitchen floor
dollhouse bathroom
real porch dollhouse porch
house fireplace dollhouse fireplace 2nd dollhouse fireplace
real back door dollhouse back door dollhouse back door
real kitchen dollhouse kitchen dollhouse kitchen
Jennaya ssp

Daughter Jennaya’s
Dollhouse (ca. 1980)


Great Niece, Jammie’s
Dollhouse (ca. 2005)


Great Niece, Courtney’s
Dollhouse (ca. 2004)