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Jamie’s Dollhouse

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     I made dollhouse for each of my brothers three kids:  Jeff, Jennifer, and Cindy.  In reality it went to each of their daughters.  Jamie is Jeffs’ daughter.  This is the second Marykay design dollhouse that I made.  The basic plans came from www.dollhousedesigns.com.  I made several modifications from the first house.  In particular I put the attic stairway at one end with a door at the bottom.  That made a hall that goes from the downstairs stairway over in front of the bathroom and to the step-down 2nd bedroom.  The wall in front of the bathroom is removable for one to be able to play inside or to arrange furniture.  The kitchen is quite different with the cabinets on the right side.  There is more room in the kitchen and overall I like the changes much better in this house.  It too is fully electrified and has baseboard outlets in each room as well as wall switches to turn on each light.  In some cases the switch turns on the wall outlet so one can have a floor lamp or table lamp switched.  The ceiling fixtures use Cir-Kit’s canapé adaptors so if something would go wrong with the fixture, it can easily be replaced.

          With all the added modifications and being fully electrified, this dollhouse is meant to be played with.  It makes a perfect heirloom to be handed down from one generation to the next.  Besides, they have Uncle Carl to fix anything that might get broken.

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