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Creative Reproductions 2 Scale

    I believe the hardest thing for most miniaturists to do is to electrically wire their dollhouse or display.  Electrical work should not be difficult and can easily be made to last.  I continue working to create new electrical components to help you make wiring your dollhouse easier, longer lasting and more affordable. 
    Check out some of the new items CR2S has developed or found to help with all of your wiring needs.  I use a number of items from Cir-Kit Concepts (www.cirkitconcepts.com) but have found other items that work even better.  In some cases I have developed new items that simply work better.  I have developed a procedure for wiring a dollhouse that uses both hard wire and tapewire but is well integrated to make an easy installation that lasts.

Power Supply

2 amp power supply

Choose the right size Power Supply

     If you do not know how to determine the correct size that your power supply needs to be, you have a couple options.  First purchase my instructional manual and read “Know How Many Lights You Can run On Your Transformer” or simply buy a bigger unit.  Since all of the power supplies I sell are voltage regulated, it makes no difference if you only have one light attached.  That light will not burn out prematurely because it receives too much voltage as is true with an older transformer.
     I highly recommend and only sell 12 volt Direct Current (DC) power supplies.  All are 12 volt, voltage regulated circuits.  I secondly recommend that your power supply be a circuit protected power supply.  Circuit protected means that if you introduce a full short across the unit, it will shut down but can be reactivated simply by unplugging it and plugging it back in.  CR2S sells only DC regulated power supplies:  One 1 amp (12 watt), Two  2 amp (24 watt) and one 6 amp (72 watt) regulated power supplies.  Unlike the older transformers, you can buy a larger, more powerful unit and not worry about your lights burning out.  All of these power supplies put out a constant 12 volts. 
     For most projects I recommend the 2 amp, voltage regulated and circuit protected power supply that I sell for $ 28.98.  For those larger dollhouses or to power several display boxes, I recommend the 6 amp, voltage regulated, circuit protected and line grounded power supply.

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Power Connection

Power Connection
made in USA ssp

Junction Switch

6 switch junction switch
made in USA ssp

How to Connect the Power Supply to your Dollhouse

     This simple junction connection makes a solid electrical connection from the power supply plug to your dollhouse or display and has the added protective feature of a slow blow fuse.  It comes with double stick tape on the back as well as a single screw to attach it to your house.  The fuse would be the same value as the power supply you use.  In other words:  If you purchase a 1 amp power supply, the fuse should be a 1 amp fuse.  It protects the power supply and acts like a circuit protector.                                      Replaces Cir-Kit’s junction splice.

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Power Connector

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     This circuit is similar to the Power Connection with the addition of having six toggle switches.  With these added switches, one can control different lights, different rooms of lights, or different circuits within your dollhouse.  You simply wire to one of the six terminal blocks, tighten down the screws and control that light with the toggle directly behind the terminal block.  As with the Power Connection, the Junction Switch is a fused circuit.  Each toggle switch is capable of handling up to 5 amps of power at 24 volts so this Junction Switch could be used to switch power to six different displays.

Remote Control

8 channel
12 channel

Running your Dollhouse by Remote Control

     How about hooking up a remote control to turn your lights on and off?  Not a problem.  CR2S offers two different remote controls.  An eight channel (button) and a ten channel (button) unit.  Each has been preset and pre-wired to work as individual switches to turn on separate lights or different circuits within your display.  Both of these Remote Controls come with complete instructions and wire almost as easily as the junction switch above but provide a whole lot more fun.  You can control different lights or circuits with the touch of a button.  Similar to your TV remote.  One can even control one of my Working Ceiling Fans with one of these remotes.  Each relay (switch) can handle up to 7 amps of current.  The circuit board draws only 6 ma of current.

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Remote Control

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Micro Jacks

short micro jack
micro jack w/ tail

A socket or Spring Loaded Jack improves your wiring system

     Micro Jacks make it possible to plug and unplug your light fixtures into the wiring system of your dollhouse.  Used in conjunction with Cir-Kit’s Sconce Adapters (CK801), Chandelier Adapters (CK804 series), and Plug-in Ceiling Plate (CK806); these Micro Jacks can be soldered to either your hardwire or press-fit into your tapewire system.  These Micro Jacks make for a permanent and integrated electrical connection with your wiring system.  They also can be used as a socket for the placement of the wall outlet (ck1003) and the miniature slide switch (ck1011).  Doing so will make a solid long lasting connection that will not work loose or break the connection.  For more information on how these Micro Jacks work pick up a copy of my instructional manual. 
     The Micro Jack with the tail makes soldering a wire to it rather simple.  The short Micro Jack is used with a tapewire system and is similar to Cir-Kit’s spring loaded eyelet (ck1023-6) but is more heavy duty with a locking collar.  The ridge just below the collar makes for a better hold and better connection to the tapewire than what is provided with the Cir-Kit Adapters.

short Micro Jack
10 for $ 9.95

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Micro Jack w/tail
10 for $ 9.95

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Doll House Lighting Kit

tool box

Ultimate Lighting Kit

     The ultimate electrical wiring tool kit made especially for dollhouse and miniature wiring projects.  The two sided plastic carrying case has all of the tools need for new wiring projects and for troubleshooting, testing and repairing those old wiring circuits.  This tool kit contains: Spring Tool, Brass Hammer, 100 Large Grommets, 110 Small Grommets, 12 volt 2amp DC Power Supply, CR2S Power Connection, Bulb extractor, 15’ 2-conductor tapewire, 50’ 2-strand wire, Low Voltage Soldering Iron, Solder, Digital Multimeter Tester, Pin Vice with drill bits, Wire cutters/plyers, 9 volt battery clip, IC Terminal Leads, 3 single edge razor blades, 2 short pendant bi-pin sockets, 2 short pendant screw sockets.  My instruction or information booklet is also included.

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Lighting Kit

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Spring Tool “BamBam”

spring tool
made in USA ssp

New Grommet & Micro Jack insertion tool

     This five inch spring action tool makes the insertion of eyelets (grommets) a SNAP!  The tool is used for both the tapewire and in making hardwire connections.  One end is a center punch and the other is for the insertion of large grommets.  It works so well that a pilot hole is not even needed but is still recommended.  MDF is no match for this simple tool.  Simply drill a 1/16th inch pilot hole through the flat tape wire, place an eyelet on the end of the tool; then pull back the spring and SNAP!  It is the perfect answer to wiring on MDF hardboard and in getting a solid connection in tapewire; especially at overlapped joints.

Spring Tool
Bam Bam

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Easy Steps to A Well Wired Dollhouse

My new electrical information booklet is divided into five (5) informations sheets:
          1.  Know How Many Lights You Can Run On Your Transformer
          2.  Avoiding Electrical Problems
          3.  So What Do I Do When --- IT DOESN’T WORK!
          4.  Soldering
          5.  Wiring Your Dollhouse -- Procedures, Tips, & Suggestions
          6.  Playing with LED’s

This is information everyone should have a little knowledge about in order to understand and successfully complete the wiring of ones dollhouse.  I added a section on “Playing with LEDs” since so much interest has developed in the past couple of years on working with LEDs.

I hopefully have put together a booklet that is very easy to understand and will introduce you to some new options when wiring a dollhouse.  Options that will produce a sound and long lasting wiring job with few problems.  I am continually adding and correcting this booklet as I develop more electrical components or as I find an easier way to achieve something.


Information Booklet

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