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Only Working Ceiling Fan with Light on the Market

My miniature working ceiling fan took three years to develop.  The hardest part was getting a light attached but in 2008 I introduced the miniature working ceiling fan with an independent working light.  My fans work on two speeds and can easily be hooked up to a remote control.  This year I have introduced a couple new designs that are available only on line through Creative Reproductions 2 Scale.

#1 selling Flickering Log ‘n Flame

The Log ‘n Flame LED light is one of the first miniature items I worked on.  The first units used three incandescent grain of wheat light bulbs and a flashing circuit.  The second unit used three LEDs and a special circuit that caused the LEDs to flicker.  Now I offer a newer unit that flickers and shimmers even more like a real fire.  These new circuits are totally produced in the USA and assembled by CR2S.

Electric Door Bell with 3 tones

The door bell is another creation that I created early on.  My latest model will work on either AC or DC and plays three tunes:  Ding Dong; Ding Ding; and the Westminster chimes.  Play a different tone on different doors so you know which door to answer when the door bell button is pushed.  My newest circuits are totally produced in the USA and assembled by CR2S.

Custom Designed Lights

Custom Lighting, for the most part, has come about by accident.  While ordering parts for my working ceiling fan, I added my own idea for landscape lights.  While building a custom garage, I was asked to make a florescent shop light and while participating in a miniature swap,  At one of my trade shows, I was asked if I could make some track lighting and one of my dealers has gotten involved with Hollywood and asked if I could design some theater lights.  As far as I know, I am the only person that offers any of these unusual miniature lights. Be sure to check out my latest Worlds’ smallest LED light ribbon.

Custom Garage Door & Electronic Door Opener

Working garage doors and automatic garage door opener.  After several attempts in creating a simple electric garage door I finally had an electric circuit made for me.  My new circuit has been designed and totally assembled in the USA.  I can cut a custom door and track to fit any size opening and even provide a remote control to open the door.  I provide total instructions for the do-it-yourselfer or can build the completed garage door and electronics for you.

A Better Designed Electrical System

My real focus, however, is the electrical wiring of doll houses.  I have developed several components and specialty tools to make wiring a doll house easier and more structurally sound.  My intentions are to have a totally unique simplified system by years end.  Check out what I have so far!