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New  100 LED    10 foot Light String

Fairy light power packs

     This NEW LED string of lights uses the very small Nano size 0804mm SMD chip.  There are a total of 100 LED’s spaced approximately 1.25” apart and wired with either a copper wire or a silver wire.  The total length is over 10 feet of lights all on one string.  It will run on a AA battery box or the 12 volts DC current of the doll house.  It is not wired to work on AC.
     This unique string of lights is available in all pure white, warm white or multi-colored strings.  Because they are made with LEDs, they will last for over 50,000 hours of continuous use and draw only 390 ma. of power.
     The string can be cut at any length.  If used with the 12 volt adapter one can connect up to three strings to the one adapter.

Fairy light colors

100 LED Light Strip
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16,000 Hour Bi-Pin Incandescent Bulb

16,000 bi-pin

     Rated for 16,000 Hours of continuous use.  These new bulbs are smaller and look better in any light fixture.  The average rating for existing bulbs is only 4 to 5,000 hours.  These will last up to FOUR times longer. 

     Two different brightnesses:  .04 candle power and .07 candle power.  The current bulb is approximately .05 candle power.  Both bulbs are exactly the same size and both are smaller than the older design.  1.85 mm diameter by 5.0 mm glass bulb.  The older design is 2 mm x 6 mm.  The reason for the longer hours of use is in its design.  The filament is across the top rather than up the side causing heat to be distributed more evenly. 

CR2S 1009
T 30 ma. .04 CP Set of 10
$ 11.00

CR2S 1010
T 50 ma. .07 CP Set of 10
$ 11.00


LED Screw Base Replacement Bulb

LED screw base

     Now you can replace your old screw base bulbs with a 50,000 hour LED.  I have made available replacement Led screw base bulbs for the three most common screw base bulbs in miniatures:  The Flame-tip; the Candle base; and the Pea bulb.  The pictures below show the bulb that is being replaced on the left and the new LED replacement bulb on the right.  At present, they are available only in cool white but will soon be available in both cool white and warm white.

Available in 3 volts and 12 volts
DC voltage only!

     Each new LED bulb is specially made to illuminate a full 360 degrees looking very similar to the bulb it is replacing.  These LEDs work only on 12 volts DC and thus have a polarity that has to be met.  The threaded sides of the base are the negative contact and the bottom tip is your positive contact.  For a new lamp being put into your dollhouse you can simply replace all of the incandescent bulbs with one of the new LEDs.  When you connect it to the dollhouse 12 volt DC circuit you may need to reverse the two leads in order for the light to work.  If the lamp has a plug, simply reverse the direction you are plugging it into the wall outlet and the lamp will work.  For light fixtures already hardwired into your dollhouse, you have a 50/50 chance that when you replace the bulb it will simply work.  If not, you might try flopping the two wires connected to the DC power source.


Pea Bulb screw base

Flame-tip screw base


Candle screw base

CR2S 520-525
Screwbase LED
Replacement Bulbs

LED Screw Base Flickering Replacement Bulb


520-4 Flickering Flame-tip


522-4 Flickering Candle

Above picture show the standard incandescent bulb along side of the new Flickering LED.  The LED has a rounded top.  520-4 and 522-4 are sold in a set of two for $6.00.  Click on the picture to add to your shopping cart.

     Turn those candle sconce lights you have in your doll house into beautiful flickering candles.  Put a real looking flickering candle in every window of the doll house or make that yard lamp post look like it is a real gas light from the roaring twenties. 
     These new LED replacement bulbs have the same screw base as the miniature flame-tip bulb or the candle stick bulb.  What I have done is replace the incandescent bulb with a 3 mm flickering yellow LED.  Now you can make every light in your house appear to have a flame and the best part is that every light will flicker differently and be independent of any other light.   So if you choose to replace all of the light bulbs in that 10 candle chandelier, each bulb will flash and flicker differently.

     NOTE:  Because these are LEDs, they will only work with a DC circuit.  That is a simple fix and one that I believe everyone should do anyway.  Simply replace that outdated AC transformer you now have with a new 12 volt, voltage regulated DC power supply and every light in the dollhouse will work better, last longer and best of all you will be able to add LEDs to your lighting.


Introduction Video of new Flickering LED
Replacement screw base bulbs

CR2S 520-525
Screwbase LED
Replacement Bulbs

LED Can Lights

can light

     This light is the most realistic and best proportioned can light on the market.  It uses a flat top 5mm LED in either Warm White or Pure White color.  It is extremely easy to install.  Simply drill a 5/16th inch hole in the ceiling or top of a cabinet and insert the can light.  There are only two wires to connect to the wiring of your display or dollhouse and the light works on either AC or DC.

     These LED can lights will work on 12 volts AC or DC and with a 9 volt battery.  They come packaged in a set of two in either Pure White or Warm White LEDs.

                      As with any LED light:  It will work best with a DC power supply.

 Can light
set of 2 --  $16.00

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Worlds’ Smallest LED Ribbon

New and Improved!

LED ribbon

     This ribbon is literally THE WORLDs SMALLEST LED strip.  It is so small that I refer to it as a RIBBON of LEDs.  A full strip is 21 inches long and only 1/8 th inch wide with 42 LEDs.  The strip can be cut at every two LEDs.  Another set of wire leads can be soldered to the cut-off to make it a working ribbon.  The strip has double stick tape on the back to make for easy installation.  The strip works on 12 volts DC only and uses extremely small Nano chip LEDs.  This ribbon is sold in several different pre-wired cut lengths.  It is available in both warm white and pure white colors in the following packages
          42 LEDs, full 21” section----1 ribbon per package
          2 LEDs, 1” section----6 pieces per package
          4 LEDs, 2” section----4 pieces per package
          12 LEDs, 6” section----2 pieces per package

 As with any LED light:  It will work best with a DC power supply.

1/8” LED Ribbon

LED ribbon

Custom made florescent shop light

shop light
shop lights

     The first florescent lights were made for a customer that could not find any for a project she was working on.  These are made with four (4) LED warm white chips mounted to the ends of two clear acrylic rods.  They look quite authentic and use very little current and put off virtually no heat.  They will work on either 12 volts AC or DC.
     They are made of an ABS white plastic and I have a silver chain attached to two eye hooks just like the real thing.  Because they use LEDs they will work best with a 12 volt, Voltage regulated, DC power supply.  Light measures 3.5” x 7/8” x 5/8”

NOTE: You can easily switch your old 12 volt transformer to a new 12 volt DC power supply. You will then be able to add this new light to your dollhouse.  Your entire dollhouse will work better and the lights last longer with a new DC power supply.

shop lights

Custom Shop Light
$ 85.00

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Landscape Lights

Globe style

landscape globe lights

     Miniature solid brass replaceable bi-pin lamp and globe.  The total height is only 1.5 inches and the globe is 5/16th of an inch diameter.  These lights were designed for 1/12th or 1” scale but look nice with 1/2” scale too.  The glass globe is removable for easy replacement of the bi-pin bulb.  They work with a typical 12 volt electrical system.  I install them by drilling a 1/8th inch hole in the base and insert the two wires and brass stem of the light into the hole.  Just a dab of glue seals the deal.  Connecting the wires from underneath the base is the easiest.

landscape globe light

Globe Landscape
$ 24.95 (set of 3)

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landscape globe lights

Lantern style

landscape lantern lights

     These Lantern miniature landscaping lights are only 9/16th inches tall.  They are made of metal with a non-replaceable bulb but when installed as instructed will last well over 10,000 hours.  These new lights have a 6 volt grain of rice bulb sealed inside.  The package of three lights need to be wired in series.  If you wire one single light into the 12 volt system of your dollhouse, you will burn out the bulb.  Look at the picture below to see how they should be wired.  When wired correctly, they will shine with a low glow very similar to a real landscape light. They come in a package of 3. They can be mounted directly to the ground or placed on a small brass tube to raise them in the garden.

lantern lights

Lantern Landscape
$ 12.95 (set of 3)

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landscape lantern lights
Landscape instruction

Lamp Posts

lantern lamp post globe lamp post

     These lamps are a perfect match to the landscaping lights above.  The perfect add-on to your landscaping project or for the front of your dollhouse.  Both of these lamp posts are a full 6” tall and made of brass with replaceable screw bulbs.  They are compatible to your 12 volt system.  Either lamp post is available for only $12.95

Lantern Lamp post
$ 12.95

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Globe Lamp post
$ 12.95

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