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Automatic Garage Door Opener

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New Garage “Under Construction”

     This garage was built during the summer of 2010 to show construction techniques.  My story has grown over the year and it seems that the older gentleman sitting on the dirt pile (some say it is me) started building the garage to accommodate his new Mercedes Benz car.  The only problem was he ignored getting the proper permits and the city has RED TAGGED the project.  That is why nothing has been completed.
     This display is fully electrified with landscape lights and a working remote controlled garage door.  You will find that there is indeed, a Mercedes in the garage (also remote controlled).

     I have made an electronic circuit so one can have a garage door open and close automatically with the touch of a button or with a remote control.  The only problem in trying to sell the circuit is one needs to be able to hook up the mechanical parts to make the door go up and down.  I purchased the garage door unit from Timberbrook (Houseworks is not the same) and modified it with parts from Hobby Town, USA.  I now, can custom design and make your own garage door to fit any size opening (1” or 1/2” scale size).  The motor turns a 1/4” threaded rod that causes the door to open or close.  There are two limit switches, one at the top and one at the bottom of the door's travel.  If you would be interested in more information so you could make your own operating door, send me an e-mail requesting more information and pricing. 

garage display garage display

Pictures of my first Garage

garage picture
garage picture
garage picture
garage picture garage picture garage picture