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Working Dollhouse Ceiling Fan
and Light

made in USA ssp

     After three years of experimenting and after being told that it could never work, In 2008 I introduced a 1/12th scale miniature working ceiling fan with a motor that works at a very slow speed.  The fan can be wired and operated independently from the light.  It will work with the existing 12 volt wiring of your dollhouse; AC or DC.  The fan motor is controlled by a separate circuit board and runs the fan on either a high or low speed and that speed can be adjusted.  This circuit board can be hidden anywhere; making the installation of the fan very easy.  It also uses very little current (15ma.) drawing less current than a single grain of rice light bulb!  Best of all -- IT REALLY WORKS!!!


Click here to see YouTube video of working fan

Some new designs for 2017

     With the introduction of the laser cutter and with the help of Terry Harville, I have started making laser cut fan blades.  Following are some of the new designs available.  You can see other designs at the different trade shows I display at as I continue trying to come up with more interesting and pleasing designs.


The breeseway fan reminded me of a fan my Grandmother had in the breeseway of her home in Tampa, Florida.  I don’t believe it even worked except for the light but that was the first place I ever saw an actual fan in someones home.  I have wired this light with a LED bulb so the light requires a DC power supply.  You can request an incandescent bulb at checkout.

Breeseway Fan
$ 139.00

The Sun-porch fan has a nice look that seems like it should be in a bright airy location.  The light bulbs are LEDs and require a DC power supply.  I have a limited number of those globes so don’t wait too long before purchasing this one.  You can request an incandescent bulb at checkout.

Sun-porch Fan
$ 155.00

The Harville Fan is named for Terry Harville.  Terry helped design and then laser cut the fan blades and canopy.  This fan is rapidly becoming a best seller as I have sold more of the Harville Fan at trade shows than any other.

Harville Fan
$ 165.00

The Sunburst fan is a rather simple fan.  What makes it unique are the five solid brass blade ornaments that reflect the light of the single tulip globe fixture.  It has a replaceable bi-pin incandescent light with a tulip globe.  As with most of my fans, the globe can be removed and replaced with any of the 12 globes shown below.

Sunburst Fan
$ 145.00

The Bishop Fan is named for Tom Bishop.  Tom is the Show operator for the largest and best miniature show in the country:  The Chicago International Miniature Show.  I introduced this fan at the 2017 Show and everyone that signed up for my electrical class made and went home with a Bishop fan.  It is not available for sale but is a part of my class project.  I will be teaching a class again in 2018.

Bishop Fan
$ 185.00

The five designs below are my original designs and are fully functional working fans.  Four with an independent light.  Complete instructions for installation are included.









Landers 4ssp




     The Bianca is the simplest designed fan and is identical to the Bermuda except it does not have the ceiling cowling and short brass stem.  The Bianca attaches directly to the ceiling and is also called my “hugger” fan because of its low profile.  The Globe unscrews and can be exchanged for any of the several styles shown below.  The bulb is a bi-pin GOR and is easily replaced.  The blade diameter is 3.625”

Bianca Fan
$ 129.00

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     The Bermuda fan is a simple all white older style fan.  The brass stem can be cut for mounting closer to the ceiling.  A longer stem can be ordered too.  As with all my fans, the globe is removable for easy replacement of the light bulb or to be replaced with another style globe.  The blade diameter is 3.625”.

Bermuda Fan
$ 129.00

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     The Savannah is my favorite as the blades look very much like a wicker and one can actually see through the blades.  The blades are an ABS plastic and can easily be painted if you so choose.  The Savannah ceiling fan comes with a three globe light assembly and as is true with all of my fans the globes can be unscrewed and replaced with any of the style globes I have.  This fixture uses screw base flame bulbs.  The blade diameter is 3.625”

$ 155.00

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     The Charleston is my second most popular fan.  The blade inserts here too look very much like wicker.  I originally called this fan my broad leaf fan and it was copied from a fan in my twin sisters home.  The three globe fixture is different from the Savannah as all three lights point directly down.  The blades are mounted differently and with the two brass findings, the motor looks extremely small.  Again as with all my fans, the globes are replaceable with any of the styles shown below. 

$ 165.00

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     The Landers is my newest design and closely represents an early 1900 fan design.  The original fans seldom had a light.  I especially like this design as the motor housing looks very realistic and there is more detail to the arms supporting the five blades.

$ 155.00

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Landers 1ssp

     The Sabia was custom designed for Barbara Sabia for a project she will be using it in this coming April at the Tom Bishop Show.  Her blades are colored heirloom white but I have also painted them flat white as on the right.  The Sabia has a single light with the bowl globe.  You can see her project under Displays.

$ 175.00

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     Shows the same fan blades as is on the Sabia but with a 3 globe light fixture.  The picture shows more detail of the fan blades.  This was a special order fan


Remote Control Available

fan remotessp

     Remote control for fan controls the light and the two speeds of the fan.  This unit has been set up so that when you push button A on the remote, the fan turns on or off.  Button B the light turns on or off.  Button C changes the speed of the fan from low to high speed.  Button D is left to control the on and off of whatever you like.  This remote comes with Easy to Install Instructions and of course you can always call me for help.

Remote for Fan
$ 39.95

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Custom Designed Creations are Possible

     If you have an idea on how you would like your fan to look, I will be glad to work with you to design a unique fan for you.  Although all of the fans are similarly constructed there are a number of components that can be changed to create a very different look.  First off, one can paint the blades any color.  I presently have five different styles of blades:  Square, Wicker, Broad Leaf; Palm (Sabia) and the Landers and with the new Laser cut blabes different designs can be made.  (even a two, four or six blade design)  The basic blades are made on a 3D printer and they come to me as white ABS plastic.  Make your fan to match the colors of the room or decorate them with decals.  I then can add either a single or triple light fixture (or no fixture at all).  I have two different triple fixtures as seen above.  Custom created light fixtures are possible too. One can screw on a number of different style globes to the light fixture.  I presently have about 12 different designs pictured below.  From there you can decide how you wish to mount the fan and what you would like for the ceiling cowling.  Any of the fans can be a hugger format or suspended any distance down from the ceiling.  And just to confuse the issue even more, I have a remote control to regulate the fan and its light.

    For more information or to start work on your very own custom designed fan:  E-mail me with your ideas.  Custom fans start at $ 185.00

Different styles of globes available

globes 001


globes 002


globes 003


globes 004


globes 005


globes 006

17mm dia.

globes 007


globes 008


globes 009

17mm dia.

globes 010


globes 011


globes 012ssp


Some Examples of Custom Fans

custom ssp1

Shows how a little paint can make a difference or a change of globes.

custom ssp2

This two light was designed for a pool table

custom ssp3

This two light was designed for a pool table also.

custom ssp4

One of my very first fans with 4 wooden blades